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Why is PH Important to Homeostasis?

The human body is a complex machine indeed. It’s ability to adapt to virtually any environment is one of the reasons that humans have been so successful as a species. The body’s ability to create a constant inner environment no matter what the outside environment has to offer is known as homeostasis. Understanding that homeostasis is one of the most integral parts of the human body is the key to unlocking optimal health. One of the most important aspects to understanding homeostasis within the body is knowing how it works.

Regulated through the brain, liver, and kidneys, homeostasis is a way for the body to cope with surrounding factors in order to maintain a constant temperature and PH within. Maintaining these conditions is absolutely vital to ensure that the enzymatic effects released by the brain are reacting properly and that the body is free of harmful toxins that could compromise its health. The brain acts as the control center and releases all of the necessary enzymes to produce reactions within the body. Each of these reactions changes the body chemically and helps restore balance to it.

The liver and kidneys are also resp0nsible for regulating the PH of the body in that they help remove acidic elements from the body and by way of the urinary system. PH within the body is incredibly important because it keeps these chemical reactions going at full power. If the human body is too acidic, the body must expend energy to compensate for this; energy that would be better served in other areas of the body. Maintaining a proper PH not only helps with the natural homeostasis of the body, but one could actually die from a body that is too high in PH. Bodies that are too acidic will have a myriad of health problems ranging from minor to fatal.

Because of this, it’s important to maintain a proper PH and ingest foods and drinks that have a high alkalinity. One way to increase the overall PH in your body and help purge it of acidic elements is the use of alkaline water. The ability to ionize the particles in mineral water now makes it possible to drink the highest quality alkaline water which is thought to have incredible benefits to health. The logic behind the item is that raising the PH in the water you drink will ultimately raise your body’s overall PH and keep the enzymatic reactions as potent as possible.

When it comes to maintaining homeostasis within the human body, the PH is incredibly important. Diets low in acidity have been proven to reduce the stress put on the body during the equilibrium process and create an overall healthier person. If you think you may be at risk for a diet that is too acidic or a body PH that is too low, you might want to look into a variety of different alkaline water ionizers to help counteract this negatively healthy trend. Regulating PH is something that the body does automatically, but for some people having a way to boost the process is always welcomed.

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