Alkaline Water Ionizers

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 Jupiter Aquarius Water Ionizer with ultra filter   Jupiter Aquarius Water Ionizer with ultra filter 
The newest models to the jupiter line, the Aquarius and Orion are the same machine internally but with a different case. New Lifetime Warranty!
 Jupiter Delphi Undersink Ionizer with upgraded spout with controls on spout   Jupiter Delphi Undersink Ionizer with upgraded spout with controls on spout 
Jupiter Delphi Undersink Ionizer with upgraded spout with controls on spout, New Lifetime Warranty.
 Jupiter Melody JP104 Revolutionary Alkaline Water Purifier   Jupiter Melody JP104 Revolutionary Alkaline Water Purifier 
Jupiter MelodyWater ionizer, the work horse. Same as the Ionways Isis. New! Lifetime Warranty!
 Jupiter Neptune Water Ionizer   Jupiter Neptune Water Ionizer 
The Jupiter* Science Neptune has been released due to the success of the Microlite and Melody. This new model can do everything the discontinued Microlite does, plus it comes with some of the extra quality features of the Melody. NEW! Lifetime Warranty!
 Jupiter Orion Water Ionizer with Ultra Filter   Jupiter Orion Water Ionizer with Ultra Filter 
Newest model with all the modern features, same internally as the Aquarious. NEW! Lifetime Warranty!
 Jupiter Venus  -  NEW   Jupiter Venus – NEW 
Jupiter Venus – Water ionizer, the latest new model that will take the industry by storm. New Lifetime Warranty!
 Jupiter Water FloJet Bottled Water Dispenser System   Jupiter Water FloJet Bottled Water Dispenser System 
Dispensing Bottled Water To Refrigerator Ice-Maker, Door Tap and Drinking Water Faucet.

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines

In the modern world of health, there are many pieces of technology that aid us in better maintaining out body. One of the most advanced pieces of technology in the world of health, the water ionizer uses a scientific process and the latest technology to create alkaline water for our consumption. Using a process called electrolysis; the water ionizers separate the molecules in water to create a more beneficial and all around healthy form of drinking water. Experts all believe that maintaining optimal health is all about how we hydrate ourselves, and an alkaline water ionizer might be just what a person needs to enhance their overall health.

Health experts from around the world believe that because our diets are so acidic, that drinking alkaline water is a necessary step to maintaining homeostasis within the body. By separating the acidic elements from the alkaline ones, alkaline water ionizers help to raise the PH of your water and thus better balance out your body. Many items that we ingest are acidic in nature, and those who are behind water ionizers believe that consistent exposure to alkaline water will increase the overall PH of the body and create a better balance within the body.
Using the latest of technology, varying degrees of alkaline water ionizers perform different tasks and can create all sorts of different types of water for different uses. Electrodes separate the positively charged from the negatively charged minerals and create two different types of water. The alkaline water is perfect for drinking and increasing the overall PH of your body, while the acidic water is great for washing with in order to kill bacteria and viruses. Settings on each individual alkaline water ionizer allows for you to create your own PH balance within the water and create a wide variety of acidity levels to perform different tasks.

With such a wide variety of different water options, a water ionizer can be just the thing you need to live a healthier lifestyle and maintain a better balance within your body. Scientists and health professionals are still discovering health benefits from the use of an alkaline water machine, and many skeptics have received information that has proven them effective in helping to provide better hydration. Still in their infancy in the Western hemisphere, the Easter form of holistic health benefits is becoming more well known and is still being proven to have many ways to increase your overall health.

When it comes to using the latest technology to help improve your health and restore homeostasis to your body, a water ionizer is one of the best products on the market. Proven to have benefits to drinking water that you simply can’t get from a water purifier, water ionizers are for those who are serious about their drinking water and want only the best. Create different types of water to fit different areas in your life, and get into the habit of drinking water in higher alkalinity in order to maintain proper hydration.