The Truth About Ionic Colloidal Silver

Ionic Colloidal Silver

Ionic Silver

Ionic silver is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of health and quite a far cry from the classic form of colloidal silver. Considered safer and ore easily absorbed into the body, advocates of ionic silver and ionic silver water say that its healing power is far superior to that of the old silver treatment forms. Used to fight bacteria, infection, and some even believe viruses, ionic silver water contains a large concentration of silver molecules that is said to neutralize and eliminate bacteria.

Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver Water

Although many advocates of colloidal silver and ionic silver water claim that the benefits are hearty, most chemists and nutrition experts say that the whole idea is bunk. Many of these articles concerning ionic silver water may highlight legitimate anti-bacterial aspects of the substance, but the information presented is inaccurate. Many of these articles speak of silver deficiency and silver being an essential mineral within the bodies of plants and animals.

The truth is that according to chemists and nutrition experts, silver is not an essential mineral in the human body. Colloidal silver was used in earlier times to treat a number of conditions, but users began coming down with a condition known as argyria. This condition turned the skin ash gray and gave it an almost blue appearance. The official list of pharmaceuticals has not listed colloidal silver as an official product since 1976. The new line of ionic silver claims to be much better for the body and more effective at combating bacteria than ionic colloidal silver once was.

The FDA has placed a ban on colloidal silver that is being sold as a method of treating diseases. Many different companies were issued different letters demanding they stop sell colloidal silver as an item that could cure any sort of illness. It can still be sold as a dietary supplement, however.

Ionic Silver Water Facts

The fact about ionic silver water is that there simply isn’t enough information with the specific product to draw a conclusion. Although it is a different format than colloidal silver, it’s simply difficult to tell if the risk would be worth the benefit. Depending on the concentration of silver in the substance, it may or may not fight bacteria within the body. An owner of a health food store that sold colloidal silver substance conducted an experiment where he grew bacterial in various cultures and applied a different colloidal silver substance to each one.

Results showed that only a small percentage of the products actually inhibited the growth of bacteria, and that the actual amount of ionic silver varied greatly depending on the product. In all honesty, many of the vendors of silver water haven’t done testing either, and the claims aren’t backed by any sort of medical research. It’s possible that ionic silver water does inhibit the growth of bacteria within the human body, but the facts are that it is not an essential mineral in the human body and that the negative effects of previous colloidal silver treatments have already bee well documented.

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