Ionic Copper Water and the Human Body

Copper Water Benefits

Copper Water

Unlike many other forms of ionized water on the market these days, copper water is a legitimately healthy alternative. Since copper is an essential mineral within the human body and something that is necessary for enzymatic processes, the benefits of copper water are vast. Copper within the body also helps regulate vascular systems, increase bone strength, and promotes the healthy functioning of the nervous system. Since copper is needed in over 300 enzymatic processes and promotes health in other areas of the body, its recommended that individuals ensure they are getting the proper dose of copper in their diet.

Health Benefits of Ionic Copper Water

Elastin – Not only does copper play an incredibly important role in the human body by promoting the growth of hemoglobin and red blood cells, but it also works in balance with zinc and vitamin C to produce elastin.
Bodily Functions – Copper is such an essential part of body construction and maintaining its performance, that ionic copper water has been proven as a source for keeping properly hydrated.
Nerves and Joints – Copper water is great for promoting healthy nerves and joints as part of a healthy dietary process.
Organ Health – The element of copper is most highly concentrated in the liver, kidneys, brain, bones, muscles, and is an integral part of the bloodstream.
Anemia Prevention – One of the most serious effects of copper deficiency, maintaining proper hydration with copper water prevents anemia and produces overall better health.

Signs of Copper Deficiency

Allergies – Since bodily functions rely heavily on copper, allergies may act up if the immune system isn’t running at full force.
Anemia – As stated before, a copper deficiency can produce anemia, a condition that can be harmful or even fatal if not addressed.
Aneurysm – Copper water is great for maintaining proper blood flow. Thickness in blood can cause a blockage and lead to an aneurysm as well as many other problems within the bloodstream.
Hernia – Since copper promotes proper tissue growth, lacking copper can weaken the intestinal wall and increase the chance of contracting a hernia.
High Cholesterol – Improving bodily functions also means processing cholesterol within the human body. Insufficient iron can lead to sub-par enzymatic processes and increase the buildup up bad cholesterol within the human body.

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