What is Homeostasis and how can we Achieve it?


What is Homeostasis?

Originating from the Greek words homoios (similar) and histemi (standing still), the idea of homeostasis is the manner in which an open or closed system maintains its natural environment. Mainly used to categorize living organisms, homeostasis is the idea that the body of that organism regulates itself to create an environment that is as close to stable and changes as little as possible on the inside. Many scientists study the drastic ways that living things regulate elements around them and sometimes create drastic adjustments in order to maintain inner homeostasis.
When pertaining to humans, homeostasis refers to the body’s ability to regulate its inner environment in response to the weather outside and the general outside environment. Vital organs work together to achieve this and each one serves its own vital purpose. Working like a finely tuned machine when healthy, the body can generally maintain a level of perfect homeostasis. The liver, kidney, and the brain are the main components of homeostasis. The kidneys regulate blood water levels, blood PH and the production of waste.

An inability to maintain homeostasis can result in a myriad of negative conditions and possible death. Many of these lapses in homeostasis originate from an improper balance in the bloodstream, so it is possible to maintain the proper PH in the body in order to help avoid this imbalance.

How can we Maintain Homeostasis?

Keeping the body at a constant level as well as keeping your system healthy is the key to maintaining homeostasis. Watching what we ingest and knowing the proper methods for maintaining balance within our body is incredibly important for overall health. One way that we can help our regulatory system is through the use of alkaline water. A great way to properly oxygenate the blood, alkaline water machines are able to separate the ions within mineral water, creating a PH that can help the body maintain stasis. Each glass of alkaline water helps aid the liver, kidneys, and other vital organs regulate the PH of the body and counteract the numerous amounts of acidic food that we ingest.

A relatively new breakthrough in the word of heath, alkaline water machines have been shown to increase the alkalinity of regular drinking water. By upping the PH of the water ingested by the person, it becomes possible to achieve a higher level of homeostasis in day to day life without going to great lengths. What you put into your body matters and one of the best ways to maintain homeostasis is to watch it carefully and use the proper health tools in order to aid the body’s natural system.

With a wide variety of alkaline water ionizers available in the market, some research will likely be needed in order to find the right machine for you. When it comes to maintaining homeostasis within the body, the investment can be worth it. The need to keep the body in working order and achieve a constant environment within is crucial to maintaining optimal health. A quick web search will return a myriad of different products that all claim to help the body maintain homeostasis. Since every body is different, the requirements needed to achieve homeostasis differs, so it’s important to carefully consider each option and pick the alkaline water ionizer that is right for your body.

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