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Do Bones Maintain Homeostasis with Vitamins and Minerals?

When it comes to maintaining homeostasis within the body, every element counts. From the food that we ingest to the vitamins that we use to supplement the natural process of the body, homeostasis is determined by many different elements. Those who maintain an optimal level of health not only understand what homeostasis is, but also know how to help aid the body’s natural tendency to stay constant within. The first step to good health and maintaining proper homeostasis is understanding what it is.

Using a series of vital organs, enzymes, hormones, and other elements, the human body strives to maintain consistency within it. Used to regulate temperature, PH, and other aspects of the body, these organs create what is known as homeostasis. Simply meaning “standstill” the body attempts to maintain a constant inner environment at all times. Examples of actions that regulate to body and attempt to keep it consistent are acts of shivering, sweating, and many any involuntary acts that we hardly think twice about.

One of the common questions associated with homeostasis is whether or not bones increase homeostasis with vitamins and minerals. The answer is not simple, but it can be said that everything we put in our body will either help or hinder the natural progression of our body maintaining homeostasis.

The more commonly regarded body parts associated with homeostasis are the brain, kidneys, and liver. Organs such as the liver and kidneys collect toxins from the body and purge them using the urinary system. It is up to the brain to release the proper hormones and enzymes to produce these functions, making these the backbone of creating homeostasis within the body.

However, vitamins and minerals also have their place in creating equilibrium within the body. By absorbing vitamins and minerals within the body, the bones help to maintain homeostasis by powering the functions that directly correlate with the process. Weak bones and a lack of vitamins and minerals leads to a myriad of negative health problems and could render the human body incapable of carrying out its duties.

Absorbing vitamins and minerals is also a crucial part of keeping the PH of the body constant. Certain vitamins and minerals absorbed through the bones work directly with the bloodstream and allows the body to regulate its PH effectively. Those with a PH that is too high as a result of too many acidic foods associated with their diet can suffer from many health problems if the body does not properly regulate them.

The bones provide a crucial part of creating homeostasis within the body due to their ability to keep the body strong and active, as well as working with other parts of the body and keeping the entire system working as nature intended. When it comes to creating a better overall state of health and keeping your body in the proper equilibrium, every little bit counts and every part of the body is responsible for making humans one of the most adaptable creatures on the planet.

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