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Ionic Magnesium Water Conditions

One of the most abundant and necessary trace minerals in the human body, magnesium is part of over 300 enzymatic processes. The non-toxic mineral has been shown to promote a variety of functions within the body and to help individuals maintain optimal physical health. While it can be obtained from certain vegetables grown in the [...]

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Ionic Zinc Water Conditions

Ionic Zinc Water and its Benefits People have known about the importance and benefits of zinc for many years. Found in nearly every living organism, zinc is a crucial part of the development of living things. Ionic zinc water is generally found in areas where high quantities of zinc ore is found, but the substance [...]

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Copper Water Conditions

Copper Water Benefits Copper is an essential mineral in the human body and promotes numerous advantages. Some of the functions that copper relate to include enzymatic reactions, connective tissue, hair, eyes, aging, and energy. Many individuals believe that having copper in water is too much of a good thing, but experts have been discovering that [...]

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Silver Water Conditions

What is Silver Water? An absolute breakthrough in the alternative health community, ionic silver water has been found to have numerous positive health benefits. By neutralizing the silver ions contained within, individuals can enjoy the bacteria killing of silver on a daily basis. What used to be an arduous process of using colloidal silver to [...]

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