Can I Use a Water Softener With a Copper Ionizer?

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Using a water softener with a copper ionizer is a great way to improve the taste and texture of your water. Often used to make the water more tolerable in pools, a copper ionizer softens the water by converting calcium into bicarbonate. For those who aren’t aware of what ‘hard water’ actually means, it is a higher concentration of calcium than normal.

Copper ionizers can also be used in water softeners in a similar way and create a better overall tasting water as opposed to using salt to soften the water. Salt water softeners do not control the calcium levels as well as a copper ionizer, and with the proper research and tools it becomes possible to use a water softener with a copper ionizer.

Since many salt water environments produce chlorine, much of the effectiveness is determined by changes in temperature and other factors. Copper ionizers are not as easily affected by external conditions, which make them a steadier way to soften water without concern.

The water produced by a copper ionizer is much softer than that produced by a salt softener and offers a more stable system that doesn’t require as much attention or maintenance. Salt water softeners also require a great deal of cleaning as bacteria can often accumulate in the tank, the use of a copper ionizer reduces the buildup within the softener and allows you to save time and money on repairs and cleaning.

Copper ionizers also don’t require harmful oxidizing chemicals. Some softeners require other chemicals in addition to salt in order to produce the softer water, but the standalone copper ionizer will perform its task without external assistance. Copper water ionizers are also more environmentally friendly because of their energy consumption. Many water softeners use a large wattage, while copper ionizer systems use about ¼ of the wattage to treat the same amount of water.

The price of a copper ionizer is also much less than that of a conventional water softener. In general, a water softener will require a cell to be replaced in every 3-5 years at $400, while a copper ionizer bar costs less than $100 to replace and lasts about 4-7 years.
Using a water softener with a copper ionizer is an economical way to soften your water and save money in the long run.

The advancement in technology of these items has allowed them to become one of the leading ways to soften water and one of the most popular items for people who own water softeners and pools. Many of these chambers come with an extended warranty and are built to last for years to come. Environmentally friendly, affordable, and proven to be just as if not more effective that conventional water softeners, copper ionizers are further proof of the evolving water treatment systems and a great way to use cutting edge technology in your favor.

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